James Taranto Supercut Provides More Sexist Quotes Than You Ever Wanted To Hear From One Person

Wall Street Journal contributor and editorial board member James Taranto has some very peculiar views on women's rights.

For example, he'd have you believe that contemporary feminism is actually just a war on male sexuality -- and that women aren't equal to men because some of them have ovaries that must be "punctured" to procreate.

In a video supercut created by Hannah Groch-Begley and Coleman Lowndes of Media Matters For America, Taranto makes a number of startling claims. For example: "The basic social purpose of marriage is to control men. To domesticate men, to tie them to women and children."

Thank goodness Taranto has the wherewithal to opt out of the marriage trap -- though he wants to make it very clear that he isn't anti-romance. He tells one female co-host: "I'm actually quite fond of women. You can call me 'Taranto-saurus sex.'"

We'll pass on that, thanks.

[h/t Jezebel]



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