How James Van Der Beek Tackles Work-Life Balance


James Van Der Beek was thrilled to become a dad, but having three kids meant he had to make some changes to his professional life, the actor told HuffPost Live on Monday.

During a conversation about his new role on the upcoming series "CSI: Cyber," a fan asked Van Der Beek about how he juggles his family with going away to shoot film and television projects.

"We take away the 'away' part," Van Der Beek said. "The last three jobs I've had, thank God, have been in town. And by 'in town,' I mean the town that I live in, Los Angeles."

The actor admitted that "you certainly take a lot of things off the table if they're not conducive to raising kids," but he's found ways to make business and family work together. For example, his children are part and parcel of his deal to work on the latest "CSI" spinoff.

"I had it in my contract that I get a dressing room for the kids so they can come visit, so there's a little space for them carved out on the lot," he said.

With three kids, Van Der Beek has had plenty time to learn the ins and outs of being a parent, and the experience hasn't been without its unanticipated moments.

"What surprised me is how fun it is -- even a newborn on a moment-to-moment basis. That really surprised me. I just thought, 'Okay, you have the kid, and then in five years, they get interesting.' But they're just fascinating. Their personalities are coming out right from the get-go," he said.

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