James White Guilty Of Frying His Roommate's Hamster While Drunk

GROSS: Student Drunkenly Fried His Roommate's Hamster
funny hamster eats on white...
funny hamster eats on white...

James White, 21, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the animal last year, according to Nouse, the University of York's student newspaper.

A group of experts allegedly examined the female Syrian hamster, BBC News reported, but could not determine if the animal died before or after being cooked.

White told Selby Magistrates' Court that he could not remember the details of the incident.

"What happened that night is still shrouded in mystery," he said.

Roy Anderson, district judge, sentenced the 21-year-old to 120 hours of community service and a fine of one thousand pounds in court costs, about $1,300. The punishment was determined assuming that the hamster was already dead when White handled it.

"Had that sadistic conduct been established," Anderson said in court, "I would be dealing with you in a far more serious way than I am."

The disturbing news comes only a few weeks after one man in California was jailed for allegedly cooking and eating cats. In January, another man from Mexico admitted to barbecuing three of his neighbor's dogs.

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