James Woolsey, Secretary Of Energy In McCain's Cabinet?

Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, has been mentioned as a potential pick for Secretary of Energy under a McCain administration. Why? Well, according to Grist:

Jim Woolsey, the former CIA director turned climate-change and renewable-energy wonk, was hired by McCain during the primary season as a senior adviser on these issues. Some say he's the leading candidate for an energy czar job because he knows global politics so well and is a formidable advocate for domestic energy production as a security policy, not to mention for electric cars. Woolsey has already served under four U.S. presidents in a variety of roles. It would be interesting for the one-time head of the nation's secretive spy agency to sit down with world ministers to hammer out climate-change policy. "I'm sure he can disarm them," quipped one Republican strategist.

Woolsey makes several lists for other potential spots in a McCain campaign like National Security Advisor.