Tactical Response CEO Who Threatened To 'Start Killing People' Says He Got Gun License Back

Threaten to “start killing people” over stricter gun control measures, and it's safe to assume your gun license is in jeopardy. But don't worry -- nothing is forever.

Yes, it appears James Yeager has gotten his gun license back. The chief of Tactical Response, a company that offers training in tactical and weapons skills, first lost it after posting a video to YouTube in January claiming he would “start killing people” if the president went through with efforts to pass stricter gun control policies.

Yeager, who declined a request for comment from The Huffington Post, appealed his suspension, and Tennessee earlier this month reinstated his license to carry a gun, the CEO claimed in a new YouTube video.

“I’m pleased with the result and I learned some valuable lessons along the way,” Yeager said. “I learned that I have a First Amendment right to say whatever I want, but I better watch my mouth.”

Yeager added that he understood why the state of Tennessee moved to take his permit away. Shortly after Yeager made the initial threat, he appeared on camera to apologize for his statements.

“I said some volatile things,” he said in the most recent YouTube video. “I didn’t actually commit a crime, but they could suspend my permit and it was legal for them to suspend my permit.”

Yeager’s initial statements came in response to an announcement that President Obama would use his executive powers -- in combination with legislation -- to tighten gun control laws. So far, Obama has used his executive authority to boost the national background check system, spur government research on the causes of gun violence and spend at least $1 million on an ad campaign encouraging safe gun ownership.



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