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Jamie Casino Super Bowl Ad: Lawyer Smashes Grave With Flaming Sledgehammer... Of Justice?

A Georgia personal injury lawyer apparently bought up the whole local advertising block during the Super Bowl to present his firm as a revenge story.

Let's follow the storyline of lawyer Jamie Casino's epic tale, as told in this YouTube video of the ad: He was a -- dare we say "mild-mannered" -- criminal defense lawyer who defended "cold-hearted villains." Then, the police were allegedly involved in the tragic death of his brother. Then, the chief of police denied it, before resigning amid a sex scandal.

And then, Casino smashes a gravestone with a flaming sledgehammer.

So, he used to defend accused criminals, which he now calls villains. Now, he's here to defend you. The reason he does this is because the cops are also villains to him.

What side of the law is he on? Your side. How's he going to fix things? By desecrating graves.

"Daddy, what do you do when you go to work?" a boy asks in the ad. Get held in contempt of court, if he employs that sledgehammer as advertised.

In past ads, Casino has claimed he'd use a sledgehammer to "pound money out of big insurance companies" on behalf of his clients.

This time, it's on fire.

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