Jamie Fox, Recent College Graduate, Gets Job As Human Scarecrow, Paid To Chase Birds Away From Farm

Recent College Graduate Hired To Be Human Scarecrow

Post-college life is really "going to the birds." At least, that seems to be the case for one recent college graduate in England who acquired a rather odd job.

According to the BBC, 22-year-old Jamie Fox from Norfolk was recently hired to be a human scarecrow. He's employed by a local farmer and gets paid to chase peckish partridges away from a field of oilseed rape.

"The farmer said to me, 'Bring a deckchair and a good book'," said Fox, who graduated this summer with a degree in music and English. "I get to sit and read for a lot of the time but whenever I see the partridges, I have to get up and scare them off."

Dressed in an orange coat, the young man uses an accordion and a cowbell to chase away the birds.

William Youngs, the farmer who owns the field, told BBC that partridges love oilseed rape and cannot get enough of it. He added that he has tried many other bird deterrents in the past, but nothing has been effective in getting the avian gluttons to stay away from his crop.

Until now.

Youngs told North Norfolk News that the young bird scarer has been doing a “very good job," saving thousands of dollars worth of oilseed rape from being spoiled.

For his part, Fox says that he has been enjoying his job.

"It's not a bad job. I've read some books and listened to a few podcasts," he said. "A couple of my friends in busier, more generously-paid jobs, are slightly envious."

Fox is not the only human bird scarer around.

According to the Jakarta Post, a Chinese man is part of a team of bird population control officers at the Beijing Capital International Airport who work to ensure that birds are kept as far away from the runways as possible.

Awesome, bizarre or downright frightful? Tell us what you think of Jamie Fox's temp job in the comments below.

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