Jamie Foxx Has A Refreshing Attitude About Daughter's Boyfriends

"As long as you let my daughter be herself.”

Zoe Saldana, Kirsten Dunst Jamie Foxx went on the “Late Late Show” this week and discussed the kids in their lives, from Sadana’s 2-year-old twins who act “f***ing bananas” to Dunst’s 2-year-old goddaughter who has a bit of a cursing problem.

Around the 2:30 mark, Foxx begins to talk about his very different experience with parenting now that his older daughter, Corinne, is 22. Corinne Foxx is a model and actress who acted as “Miss Golden Globe” at last year’s awards.

Host James Corden tells the actor that he’d feel “quite threatened” if he were a new boyfriend of Foxx’s daughter.

While Foxx cops to bullying boyfriends in the past, he says that his daughter has a good head on her shoulders that helps her pick good partners.

“My daughter’s really pretty, man. But the thing about her onboard computer of who she likes and how she gets down is cool. That’s what you gotta hope for, that your kid turns out cool so it’s not so much work,” he says.

Following up, Corden asks what could a boyfriend say to impress Jamie Foxx and he warmed our hearts by responding, “As long as you let my daughter be herself.”

The actor continued: “I tell my daughter, I tell girls all the time, I say ‘Hey man know your worth don’t let nobody cheapen you. You come from good stock. You come from good people, so make them work hard. Make them do they thing. And she’s done that and she’s got a nice gentleman that she’s with and it’s all good.”

We’re glad Foxx is a progressive dad who trusts his daughter to make her own decisions in love. Sounds like he’s done a pretty great job.

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