12 Honest Quotes About Fatherhood From Jamie Foxx

The actor has two daughters, Corinne and Annalise.
Foxx has spoken about his parenting experience in many interviews over the years.
Gary Gershoff via Getty Images
Foxx has spoken about his parenting experience in many interviews over the years.

Jamie Foxx is famously private about his romantic life, but he’s much more open when it comes to his thoughts on fatherhood.

The actor has two daughters, 24-year-old Corinne and 9-year-old Annalise. Over the years, he’s spoken about his approach to parenting and everyday experiences with his kids.

In honor of his birthday, here are 12 quotes about fatherhood from Foxx:

On Being A Present Father

“Connecting with my daughter is the most important thing in my life ― the priority. I want to be a man who shows up for her. I want to have such a big influence on her, so that she knows she can call me about anything, which she does.”

On Co-Parenting

“When my daughter was 6, her mom and I were having some challenges, and at that point, it would’ve been so easy for me to say ‘Forget this. I’m Jamie Foxx. I don’t care what you do. I’ll just send the check.’ But instead of pulling back, I moved toward my daughter.”

On Balancing Work And Family

“I was talking to Al Pacino in 1999, and I asked how do I go away to film a movie and leave my kids behind. And he told me you have to bring them with you. I wasn’t working a lot during the time of my oldest daughter, so I didn’t have to be away that much. But my youngest daughter goes absolutely everywhere with me. It’s great because now she understands why I’m going and what I’m doing. And a lot of good things have happened as a result. She got to come and meet Quvenzhané [Wallis]. She had the chance to meet and sing with Rita Ora and give an award to Iggy Azalea. But on the flip side, I have to put it into perspective. I remind her that this doesn’t happen to everybody and that this is a charmed life: it can be here today and gone this afternoon. I’m lucky that both of my kids seem to understand that.”

Foxx with Corinne and Annalise in 2016.
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Foxx with Corinne and Annalise in 2016.

On Being Real With His Kids

“Like with my oldest daughter, I say, ‘Hey, if you’re going to drink, pour your own drink, no drugs. When it comes to physical activity or things like that, make sure you protect yourself physically and emotionally.’ Talk to them as real as you can, because right now that’s what kids need. And even though you do all that, you’re still gonna be on their nerves. I’m still goofy.”

On The Universality Of Parenting

“You learn that it’s all still the same parenting process, regardless if you’re a celebrity or if you’re just a person who’s working nine to five. The main thing is staying really, really close to them and making them understand that you’ve been through things and you can help them, but don’t try to live your life for them.”

On His Daughter’s Dating Life

“My daughter’s really pretty, man. But the thing about her onboard computer of who she likes and how she gets down is cool. That’s what you gotta hope for, that your kids turn out cool, so it’s not so much work. I was over bullying the boyfriends ... Everything’s been cool. It’s that onboard computer that you have to hope they have so it’s not too crazy.”

On What Would Impress Him In His Daughter’s Partner

“As long as you let my daughter be herself. Like I tell my daughter, I tell girls all the time, I say, ’Hey man, know your worth, don’t let nobody cheapen you. You come from good stock. You come from good people, so make them work hard. Make them do they thing. And she’s done that and she’s got a nice gentleman that she’s with and it’s all good.”

On Working With His Kids

“My oldest daughter is so seasoned because she has been around it so long. So she just comes and does her thing. My younger daughter is so funny. She is doing some stuff in the movie that is just going to steal the show ... It’s great to be able to work with your daughters because I know that they want to be a part of this in some way. When you can work with your daughters, there’s comfort when I tell them, ‘Move here, go here, do that.’”

Fox hit the red carpet with his daughters and guests in 2017.
David Crotty via Getty Images
Fox hit the red carpet with his daughters and guests in 2017.

On Doing Family-Friendly Films Like ‘Annie’

“Well, my 4-year-old was on set of ‘Django’ just watching people get blown away, so I just felt like we needed a change. It was also great for her to be able to come to set and watch Quvenzhané Wallis ― someone who’s her age ― be so masterful.”

On Keeping Communication Open

“Just give them all the great stuff that you were given. My grandmother gave me great advice, so I do that. And I’m dual. My 19-year-old, I talk to her as a homie and I talk to her as a father. Because what I learned is that when you always talk to them as a father it makes them feel like, ‘I can’t come to you.’ So especially when you have girls you gotta be able to open the door. Naturally, the mom is gonna have that door open, but I feel that sometimes the mom can’t give that perspective that a guy can tell a girl about other guys, about other things that are going to happen to her as an impressionable kid. So I leave that door open. I break the walls down. I’m a tough father but then I’ll open that door to let her say whatever you want to say, get it all out, and talk in a different way that she can understand.”

On Supporting His Daughter’s Football Ambitions

“She’s had three touchdowns this year. She’s about to have a championship. We have a very competitive house. My pops was a coach, her cousins, they all play. So, at the house we are constantly playing. We don’t mention girl or boy, we just get after it ... When she got on the football field, at first [the boys] didn’t want to throw it to her. But I said, ‘Annalise when you’re out, do like this.’ She waved her hands and they threw it to her, and she hit for like a 60 yarder. It was crazy.”

On Raising Grounded Kids In Hollywood

“In this business, sometimes it can get crazy, but my daughter, she’s just incredible — 23 years old [and] graduated from college. It was just a great moment ... It’s amazing to see our kids grow up. We’re so proud of them. They ended up being OK.”

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