Jamie Foxx: I'm A Victim Of Racial Profiling (VIDEO)


Despite his fame and fortune, Jamie Foxx says that he's a victim of racial profiling.

Foxx appeared on 'The Tonight Show' on January 5th, and while talking about teaching his daughter how to drive -- she hit a fire hydrant her first time, he said -- he told host Jay Leno that police target him, even in his own neighborhood.

"I get pulled over all the time. I live in Westlake. A black man in Westlake? That just don't happen," Foxx said. "I got pulled over the other day for being black and happy. 'What's all that smiling about? You're smiling back there.' I was guilty."

Foxx lives in Westlake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The star also talks about his upcoming film in the interview.

Foxx recently released his new album, 'Best Night of My Life,' and held a joint birthday party (he turned 43) and record release bash on December 15th.


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