Jamie Foxx's Off-The-Rails Hosting Behavior At BET Awards Had People Screaming

"Did all of Jamie's scripts get burned in a fire ...?" asked one person on Twitter.

Jamie Foxx hosted the 2018 BET Awards on Sunday night, making for a wildly eventful couple of hours.

The actor spent the evening going off-script, dragging unsuspecting guests onto the stage and wearing outlandish things.

Foxx started the evening delivering a monologue almost exclusively on “Black Panther,” leading to a collective groan on Twitter. Foxx then brought up Michael B. Jordan to recite a line from the film. 

Shortly thereafter, Foxx riffed on Donald Glover’s song “This Is America.”

“That song should not be joked about,” said Foxx, presumably going off from the teleprompter. 

“This young man, Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, movie star, overall badass … a true artist. … I want to acknowledge you.”

Host Jamie Foxx and Donald Glover onstage at the BET Awards.
Host Jamie Foxx and Donald Glover onstage at the BET Awards.

Foxx mimicked Glover’s dance moves from the song’s video and then brought Glover himself up on the stage. 

Glover gave a brief speech where he shouted out Lena Waithe and Issa Rae, adding: “I really was not expecting to get up here.” 

Not too long after that, Foxx appeared onstage in a robe, slippers, and underwear, clutching a coffee cup. 

The weirdness only continued from there. Twitter was not letting Foxx get away with it all without commentary.

Many watching came to Foxx’s defense when it came to his singing chops.

The award show host remarked that haters had said he couldn’t sing, but he proved them wrong with his tribute set for Anita Baker prior to her receiving the evening’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Love him or hate him, Foxx did work on Sunday night. For more on the BET Awards, you can find the winners here and the best looks of the night here.

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