Jamie Laou, Justin Bieber Lookalike, Taking Internet By Storm (VIDEO)

The biggest internet sensation since Justin Bieber may just be... Justin Bieber. Or, kind of.

Uncanny Bieber lookalike Jamie Laou, a 17-year old Australian, is growing his own loyal internet following by tweeting incessantly (his handle is @ijever) and posting videos speaking out to his fans.

In fact, he's even creating online music videos of his own, the same way Bieber shot to fame. Of course, they don't exactly showcase the same type of talent.

On Monday morning, Laou was using his platform to fight against bullying, especially against gay kids, promoting the hashtag #stopbullying. On Monday, he tweeted, "Promise me, you see anyone getting bullied, tell somebody, even a friend say.. You know that persons nice and doesn't deserve that.."

There has been a mixed reaction to Laou, with some Bieber fans threatening him -- especially after he called Justin out in one of his videos for losing touch with his fans -- and some embracing him. Currently, he's up to over 51,000 followers.