Jamie Lee Curtis Proudly Shares That Her Daughter Is Transgender

The "Halloween" star also revealed that she will officiate her daughter Ruby's wedding next year.
Jamie Lee Curtis attends an AARP the Magazine event in January 2020.
Jamie Lee Curtis attends an AARP the Magazine event in January 2020.
Michael Kovac via Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis is joyfully announcing that her younger daughter is transgender.

The screen legend, who shares two children with husband Christopher Guest, revealed in an interview with AARP on Wednesday that she has “watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Making sure to note that she received Ruby’s permission to share the news, Curtis said that the 25-year-old works as a computer gaming editor and is engaged to be married next year.

“I will officiate,” Curtis added about the upcoming nuptials.

The 62-year-old actor said her daughter’s transition helped challenge her past beliefs that gender identity and expression are fixed, explaining that this current stage of life is a “constant metamorphosis.”

“I am somebody who sheds every day,” she told the magazine. “Let’s get rid of that, I don’t need that. It’s all about old ideas that don’t work anymore.”

Curtis and Guest also have a daughter named Annie, a 34-year-old dance instructor who is married.

On the topic of potentially becoming a grandparent in the future, Curtis said, “Not yet, but I do hope to.”

The actor shared a photo of the magazine cover Wednesday on Instagram, writing in the caption that she is “happy that my family is safe and flourishing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Curtis reflected on her own tumultuous upbringing, marked by heavy substance abuse, as the child of Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

The actor, who has been sober for more than 20 years, said she has a special place in her heart for “vulnerable children,” which has moved her to write around a dozen books for young kids and support multiple children’s charities.

“There is nothing harder than being a child, and I am a product of a lot of divorces,” Curtis said. “Janet married four times, Bob four, and Tony six. It is what it is, but I think, as a result, I have always had a feeling for vulnerable children.”

Among her many upcoming film projects, including the much-anticipated sequels to the recent “Halloween” reboot, Curtis is slated to bring the real-life story of Sara Cunningham, a mother who offers “free mom hugs” to LGBTQ people, to the big screen.

After seeing a viral Facebook post about how Cunningham, who has a gay son, steps in as a stand-in mom for same-sex couples on their wedding day, Curtis reached out and bought the rights to her memoir.

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