Jamie Lee Curtis Confuses Popcorn For Earbud And Is So Done With The Pandemic

The "Knives Out" star shared pictorial proof of the funny mix-up.

Jamie Lee Curtis confused a piece of popcorn for an earbud — and shared photo evidence of the funny mix-up on Instagram.

“So I’m definitely over this whole isolation thing,” the actor wrote this week.

“I picked up my ear pod and put it in my ear and was trying to figure out why I couldn’t hear,” she explained.

“Did you eat your AirPod?” asked one fan.

Added another: “I’ve heard of cauliflower ear, but not this.”

Curtis on Monday revealed her role in the movie adaptation of “Borderlands,” the Western sci-fi video game. Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart are also involved in the project.

“Pinch me NOW!” Curtis wrote on Instagram.