Jamie Lee Curtis Gives The Best Halloween Treat — A First Look At 'Halloween Kills'

The behind-the-scenes peek at "Halloween Kills" is just the eye candy we wanted.

This sure beats a miniature candy bar.

Actor Jamie Lee Curtis served up a first look at the sequel to her blockbuster “Halloween” reboot on Thursday. (See it below.)

The Instagram clip of “Halloween Kills” includes on-set goings-on and portending flash cuts before Curtis emerges with bloody hands. “Happy Halloween,” she says.

“’Tis the season….. to start screaming,” Curtis captioned the entry, welcoming viewers to take a “first look at the mayhem.”

Curtis, 60, reprised her role of Laurie Strode, who is tormented by masked slasher Michael Myers, in the 2018 film. It grossed more than $255 million, leading to “Halloween Kills,” due out Oct. 16, 2020, and “Halloween Ends.”

Thanks for the sweet scares to come, Jamie Lee!

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