Make Good Choices And Let Jamie Lee Curtis Make Another 'Freaky Friday' Movie

The actor said she would "absolutely" reunite with Lindsay Lohan for a follow-up to their 2003 body-swapping comedy.

With the trauma, rage, PTSD and more trauma of the “Halloween” reboot trilogy nearly behind her, Jamie Lee Curtis is setting her sights on reviving another, slightly freakier film.

Curtis confirmed that she would “absolutely” remake “Freaky Friday” with co-star Lindsay Lohan, who played her daughter in the beloved body-swapping 2003 comedy, which, of course, was a remake of the original 1976 film.

“‘Freaky Friday’ remake? Absolutely,” she said during an interview on Wednesday while on the press tour for “Halloween Ends,” which arrives in theaters later this month.

“Lindsay Lohan and I are friends,” she added. “Lindsay Lohan and I text. She texted me the other day. She’s in Ireland making a TV show, I think.”

The former teen idol has indeed returned to acting after an extended career break with Netflix’s upcoming holiday rom-com “Falling for Christmas,” marking her first leading role in nearly a decade. She’s already at work on “Irish Wish,” her second project as part of her partnership with the streaming service.

So, naturally, there’s no better time for both stars to return to their roots for another “Freaky Friday” movie.

And, it’s clear that they both still share a fondness for the project, as Curtis said she asks Lohan a question about a behind-the-scenes moment the two shared to “prove” it’s really her when they text.

“The test for her was, ‘What was the song that you and I were trying to learn the rap in the middle of the song from while we were sitting in the car doing the scene while we were eating French fries?’” Curtis recalled.

The answer? Justin Timberlake’s debut solo single “Like I Love You.”

Speaking with Rolling Stone in a separate interview, Curtis remarked on why “Freaky Friday” continues to resonate with audiences long after its release.

“Because everybody struggles with that conundrum of adulthood and youth. We all judge both sides really harshly. It’s that old adage of, ‘Walk a mile in my shoes,’” she told the outlet. “‘Freaky Friday’ is one of those great examples of, you’re challenging somebody because they make you angry because of their limitations. And then you walk in their shoes and recognize that, in fact, all of those restrictions are there for a reason.”

And as for the famous “make good choices” line from the film, Curtis said she completely improvised the dialogue on the spot.

“For some reason that popped out of my mouth. What it really stands for is, make brave choices,” she said. “Bring your ideas out into the world. They’re yours. They are only yours.”

Your turn, Hollywood.

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