Jamie Lee Curtis Takes Hilariously NSFW Detour About Her Yogurt Commercials

The "Halloween Kills" star was asked about her fabulous roles and what she said wasn't cultured at all.

“Halloween Kills” star Jamie Lee Curtis made no bones about why she hyped Activia yogurt’s ability to make you regular in ads over the years: The commercials allowed her to stay home and get paid, unlike her film projects.

But the “Trading Places” actor put it a little more bluntly. In a recent interview on “The Kingcast” podcast recently, she was asked about her roles in films such as “Freaky Friday” and “True Lies.” Curtis said she was grateful “beyond measure” for her career but lamented that time away from family had caused “personal strife.”

“By the way, just to make sure that your listeners all understand, it’s the reason that I sold yogurt that makes you shit for seven years,” she said, also noting an earlier Hertz commercial she did with O.J. Simpson and Arnold Palmer.

“I’ve been doing commercials for a very, very, very long time, partially so that I can ameliorate all of that distance from my family. Because it allowed me to earn money and stay home. For people who are like, ‘Why are you doing yogurt commercials?’ Because I had two kids and needed to stay home.”

Curtis on occasion takes refreshing detours in interviews. In 2018 she warned a Donald Trump-loving DJ, “You and I are coming to blows, I think.”

H/T Too Fab