Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Up Fight With Huge Knife At Pita Pit

Here's Video Of Jamie Lynn Spears Breaking Up A Fight With Huge Knife

Last month, TMZ reported that former Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears broke up a brawl in a Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana when she grabbed a long, serrated bread knife and started waving it around.

As it turns out, that's actually what happened. In fact, the whole incident was caught on camera.

TMZ obtained the security footage, in which Britney Spears' 23-year-old sister springs to action, pulling her friend out of the fight before calmly marching behind the counter to grab a seven-inch bread knife, briefly chatting with the Pita Pit employee, and then proceeding to wave the blade around as a warning.

Spears hasn't commented on the incident herself, but she did post a photo on Instagram from what looks to be the same night the fight broke out, but somehow we think this photo-op happened earlier in the evening:

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