'Zoey 101' Actors Pray For Jamie Lynn Spears After Daughter's Accident

The Pacific Coast Academy crew came through.

The “Zoey 101” cast may have left Pacific Coast Academy nearly a decade ago, but they still have each other’s backs.

Former “Zoey 101” star Jamie Lynn Spears is in the midst of a family crisis following her daughter Maddie Aldridge’s serious accident earlier this week. Aldrige, 8, was hospitalized Sunday after crashing an ATV into a pond. Aldridge is in “stable but critical condition” according to E! News.

Spears’ former “Zoey 101” castmates took to social media to send prayers and well wishes to Jamie Lynn and her daughter. Victoria Justice, who played Spears’ roommate Lola on the show, tweeted a request for “healing prayers” for the family.

Christopher Massey, who played Michael Barrett in the Nickelodeon series, shared a thoughtful note alongside a photo of Spears and her daughter.

”I love you and your family deeply and my prayers are with you and Maddie,” Massey wrote to Spears. “I hope she has a speedy recovery!!! #prayformaddie.”

Spears’ former costar Abby Wilde also sent love and prayers via Twitter. Wilde played Stacey Dillsen, Zoey’s unlucky cotton-swab-obsessed classmate. 

We’re glad to know Spears has the support of her friends and family at this painful time.