Surfer Sets Himself On Fire, Gets Barreled Like It's NBD

A bro. On fire. Surfing one of the world's most dangerous waves.

Who is JOB? Apparently, he's a professional surfer who wants to give Johnny Knoxville a run for his money.  

During a recent trip to Tahiti, pro surfer-turned-stuntman Jamie O'Brien (aka "JOB") set himself on fire and went surfing for his Red Bull TV web series, "Who Is JOB 5.0."

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While wild antics aren't unusual for the 32-year-old and his friends -- they have been known to pull off goofy surfing tricks -- O'Brien fireballed through a particularly impressive wave.

The stunt took place at Teahupoo, which means "broken skulls" in Tahitian. The surf break is famous for steep, powerful waves that crash over a shallow and bone-crushing reef.

Of course, that wasn’t enough excitement for Jamie O’Brien. He had to go and add fire to the mix.

Surf's up, JOB.

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