Jamie Oliver at TED: On a Mission to Feed Kids Better

This week, Jamie Oliver received a prize of $100,000 from TED, a non-profit about spreading ideas, for his efforts in bringing attention to the obesity crisis. He also gave a talk at the TED conference, which is famous for their twenty-minute videos. His talk focused on obesity in America, specifically on what kids are eating in schools. After he demonstrated how much sugar a child will consume from drinking milk alone during the elementary school years--using a wheelbarrow--he gave his ideas on improving our food system, saying "We need to re-boot." Here are Oliver's points of entry for change, followed by the talk:

Jamie Oliver's ideas for changing the food system:

1) Put food "ambassadors" in supermarkets to inform buyers about cooking and to help consumers make good choices

2) Big brands should put food education at the heart of their business

3) Fast food should be part of the solution by working with government to help wean people off excess fat, salt and sugar

4) Better labeling

5) Fresh food should be cooked on site at schools

6) Every child should learn how to cook ten simple recipes by the time they leave school

7) Corporate responsibility should include a plan for making sure employees are fed well

8) Cooking should be passed on in the home as a vital philosophy

9) Re-instate local institutions like community kitchens that teach cooking lessons

10) Identify the experts and "angels" already doing this work and help them get access to resources

11) Businesses in America should support what First Lady Obama is doing at the White House

Here is the talk:

Part of winning the TED prize is the development of a "wish" for changing to world. TED actually seeks to help prize winners organize around their wish, and the audience (virtual and real) were mobilized to begin to connect a willing team of participants on all fronts, including publicity, finding office space, developing campaigns, building a website, etc.

Here is his wish:

I wish for everyone to help create a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.