Jamie Oliver Teaches Brad Pitt How To Cook

In between fighting the Los Angeles school board and starting a Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver has found the time to teach Brad Pitt some basic cooking skills, reports The Sun.

Pitt and Oliver have been friends for years, which is convenient for the Pitt-Jolie family since Brad and Angelina's cooking skills are apparently very limited. A source tells The Sun, "Neither he nor Angie have a clue in the kitchen. The only thing they can manage is pouring milk on Cheerios cereal. They don't even know how to operate the oven. They've always just relied on their staff to cook for them or they've gone to restaurants or got takeaways." However, going out to restaurants has become increasingly difficult, thanks to six kids, the nannies and the security staff.

Jamie has taught Brad how to make healthy burgers and pizzas, and Brad has been "really getting into" cooking. The Sun reports that Jamie plans to cook an Easter Sunday meal for the family.