Jamie Oliver Says He'd Do This Disgusting Thing If He Had To Cook For Donald Trump

Let's just say he'd want to get things moving.

Jamie Oliver isn’t planning on cooking a meal for President Donald Trump anytime soon.

In fact, the British chef (who catered for former President Barack Obama at the G20 summit in London in 2009) has revealed that he is desperately trying to avoid America altogether while Trump is in power.

But if Oliver did end up cooking for POTUS at an official engagement, he’s joked about making it an experience that Trump would not likely forget.

“I think I would bite the bullet, I think I’d be professional and I think I’d cook with all of my heart and my soul,” Oliver said during an interview on “The Russell Howard Hour” which aired in the U.K. on Thursday.

Then came the punchline:

I’d just use all of my training as a nutritionist to cook things that really make your asshole loose.

Jokes aside, Oliver earlier told host Russell Howard that his “instant reaction” at being asked whether he’d like to cater for Trump “would be absolutely, categorically no.”

“Because, to be honest, I’m kind of hoping that I don’t have to go to America while he’s [Trump] in power,” he added. “I don’t know if I can hold it out but I’m going to try.”

Oliver is famed for his healthy eating campaigns in the U.K. and U.S., so his cuisine wouldn’t likely be to the fancy of fast-food fan Trump anyway.

Check out the interview above, and the Trump comments from the 10:50 mark.