Jamie Oliver Tells McDonald's To 'F*ck Off' On 'Jimmy Kimmel' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jamie Oliver Tells McDonald's To 'F*ck Off'

Jamie Oliver stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his book Meals In Minutes and have a rather serious talk about how America is only making slow progress when it comes to nutrition. Oliver and Kimmel discussed the recent hubbub about Congress declaring pizza a vegetable. Oliver was able boil down how this happened quite succinctly. "The food companies of America own you," he explains.

In the middle of Kimmel and Oliver's discussion, actor Paul Scheer interrupted them. He was in the studio as part of National UnFriend Day, and was taking calls. "McDonald's just called," Scheer says, "They unfriended Jamie." "Well, you can tell them to f*ck off from me," Oliver retorts.

Watch Part I and Part II below:

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