Jamie Oliver Ditches Lucrative Sainsbury's Endorsement Deal

Jamie Oliver Ditches Lucrative Endorsement Deal

Jamie Oliver has announced that he is ending his endorsement meal with UK-based Sainsbury's grocery stores. For 11 years, Oliver had appeared in TV and print ads to plug various ingredients available for sale at the chain. His endorsements correlated closely with huge increases in sales for the products endorsed.

The deal was said to be worth millions, but Oliver has said that he wants to spend more time working for the Jamie Oliver Foundation, which campaigns for healthy food. Could it be that Oliver also started to feel uncomfortable supporting a major seller of processed foods, while bashing Big Food in his TV show, as in this video?

If so, bravo to him for bringing his practice closer to his rhetoric.

In other British celebrity chef-grocery story alliance news, Michelin-star-bedecked chef Heston Blumenthal seems to be settling into his year-old partnership with Waitrose foods. He made headlines a few weeks ago for bringing his famous savory ice cream techniques to the mass market at Waitrose with a mustard-flavored ice cream.

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