Jamie Oliver And School Nutrition: Chef Has 'Lost Faith' In UK Government

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has "lost faith" in the UK government when it comes to improving nutrition in schools.

The revelation comes amid Oliver's efforts to extend nutrition to Academy schools, which in the UK are schools directly funded by the central government. Oliver has previously been successful in encouraging other UK schools to adopt healthier school lunch programs.

Oliver's main frustration has been Education Secretary Michael Gove, who the TV star believes is working to erode progress. The Independent has the details:

"I've lost faith in Government, I'll pay my taxes, but I don't particularly expect to see anything," he said in an interview with the Press Association.

"Michael Gove is a nice enough chap and he's got great energy, but it took me a couple of meetings to realise there's no point in going back again.

"He was just charming me and telling me that he is eroding everything that the public demanded and asked for."

Gove has repeatedly stressed his dedication to improving the quality of school meals, but in April Oliver denounced Gove's belief that academies should be able to determine what food to offer, unlike state-controlled schools, which face strict rules. Oliver believes the allowance is a loophole.