Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (VIDEO): First Graders Can't Identify Fruits, Veggies

Jamie Oliver walks into a first grade classroom, up to a table display that is draped with a sheet. As he pulls the sheet up to reveal piles of fruits and vegetables underneath, you can hear gasps of horror ripple through the classroom.

This image sets the scene for his newest series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution , in which the celebrity chef (of The Naked Chef fame) aims to subvert America's ingrained eating habits. He starts out in Huntington, West Virginia, which has been called the unhealthiest city in America, hoping for a food revolution there that will create a chain reaction across the nation.

Oliver tests the waters with the first graders by seeing how well they know their fruits and vegetables.

"Who knows what this is?" Oliver asks, holding up a bunch of tomatoes.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premieres on Friday, March 26, on ABC.