Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Premiere (VIDEO): Can Oliver Change America's Food System?


Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premieres on Friday, and from the looks of this sneak peek, the British celebrity chef is going to run into some resistance along the way.

Oliver has chosen to revolutionize a Huntington, West Virginia school, which has been called the unhealthiest city in America. Oliver's biggest challenge is going to be not coming off as condescending as he tries to take away everything they currently eat (i.e. pizza for breakfast) and replace it with healthier options.

In one scene that foreshadows the coming resistance, Oliver appears on a radio talk show and gets flak from the talk show host, who scoffs, "we don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day."

But the ABC show is clearly looking for its punches of drama in the sneak peek, and the tone of this clip noticeably drifts from all-out resistance to some glimmers of acceptance.

Can Oliver really start a genuine transformation, or is it all hype?


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