Man Offers Beautiful Ode To All Of The Positive Things About Being Trans

"The further along in my transition I’ve gotten... the more positives I can see.”

Jamie Raines is back with a new video, though, perhaps not one he thought he’d ever find himself making.

The YouTube star, who frequently vlogs about his life as a transgender man, recently released “Positive Things About Being Transgender,” a seven minute clip that he says would have been inconceivable to him just two or three years ago.

“Earlier on in my transition everything just seemed really hard, really far away and just difficult,” Raines tell his viewers. “It was hard to find or even looking for any positives in a situation that just seemed so negative. But, the further along in my transition I’ve gotten — particularly since having top surgery — the more positives I can see.”

Raines admits that “there are hard things and I’m really not trying to brush over them or ignore them” but he decided he “really wanted to make a video that concentrated on the good things.”

Check out the video above to find out what he’s grateful for and why, then head here for more from Raines.



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