Jan Brewer: No More Debates For Me

Jan Brewer: No More Debates For Me

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is apparently done with participating in gubernatorial debates, because she is terrible at them. Per Jillian Rayfield at TPM:

Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has put the kibosh on all future debates with her Arizona gubernatorial opponent Terry Goddard (D), after her rather embarrassing display at Wednesday's debate. "I don't believe that things come out in proper context in an adversarial atmosphere," she defended herself.

My follow-up question would have probably been, "What is the proper context for your statement, and I quote, '...'" in which the ellipsis represents twenty seconds of silent dumbfoundment, but that's beside the point. Brewer says that only reason she participated in the debate in the first place was to claim "$1.7 million-plus" of "public funds for her campaign." That booty having been secured, what's the point in debating Goddard again? Said Brewer, "I think it's pretty defined what [Goddard] stands for and what I stand for."

Yes. As defined by the debate, Jan Brewer stands for telling crazy stories about the Arizona desert being filled with headless bodies, whereas Goddard stands for the ability to speak in complete sentences.

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