Jan Brewer Weighs In On 'White Santa' Controversy, Says St. Nick Is 'Every Color'

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) weighed in on the hotly contested issue of Santa Claus' skin color on Tuesday.

The Republican governor at first seemed surprised and amused by a reporter's question regarding Santa's "ethnicity," but said between laughs that she believed the holiday figure to be "every color."

"I've never given him any thought." Brewer said. "I would imagine that he's probably white, yellow, black -- every color. Santa Claus is Santa Claus to everyone, red, white, yellow, black. We're all children."

Santa's skin color became a popular topic after Fox News' Megyn Kelly hosted a segment to discuss a Slate piece titled, "Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore," in which blogger Aisha Harris suggested America move away from the image of a white-skinned Santa Claus.

"For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white. But this person is maybe just arguing that we should also have a black Santa," Kelly said last week. "But, you know, Santa is what he is, and just so you know, we're just debating this because someone wrote about it, kids."



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