It seems that after a week of "agonizing" over her decision to make Latinos the subject of racial profilin, Brewer needed a night out to blow off the steam.
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While the state known as Arizona seethed and Latino parents fell on their knees with Rosaries in hand to pray for the future of their children Governor Jan Brewer went out for a tony dinner with gal pal and media made millionaire Sarah Palin. So happy was Brewer about her night out that she posted it on her Facebook page. It seems that after a week of "agonizing" over her decision to make Latinos the subject of racial profiling she needed a night out to blow off the steam. I guess creating wholesale big government discrimination made her hungry.

While 1070 is certainly a huge unprecedented step it the fascist direction Jan Brewer has more in common with Nero than Hitler. The night after her dinner with millionaire Palin, they both went to a Diamondbacks baseball game and bragged about it on Facebook as well. Who cares if the next generation of Arizona voters are meeting en masse in cyberspace and on the State House grounds planning wholesale economic havoc for her state? Brewer needed a big meal and a ball game.

We now can only come to a conclusion that Brewer didn't agonize much over turning her State into a national disgrace, a late night joke, and a business pariah. If Brewer did agonize over her decision, she recovered remarkably well.

While Brewer celebrated all weekend with Palin other governors and big city mayors met with advisors to plan on how to benefit from the huge boycott that is already forming against the Grand Canyon State. Brewer however had finished her state business and needed to let loose. As Cyndi Lauper would say: sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

Weekends are great but the work week always follows, and today is Monday. For brown-skinned Arizonans, today is a day to worry about a law that officially marginalizes them. Today for fair minded Arizonans of all races and ethnicities is a day of shame and regret. Today for Jan Brewer is a day to get over the effects of a weekend filled with rich food, strong sun,and boisterous game. Today is the day she faces the enormous mess that she has created. Want an Alka-Seltzer Jan?

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