Jane Birkin: 'I Wouldn't Have Plastic Surgery In Case They F*** It Up'

Fashion icon Jane Birkin talked to the Times UK about looking cool at age 63. She said that although she has her hair colored professionally, she cuts it herself. She also explained that she doesn't particularly like fashion:

"I like men's clothes the best. It's fun to be dressed up, for film festivals, but not at home. I don't look good in girlie things with frills. I have big hands, big feet and masculine features, so if I wore them, I'd look mannish--a travesty. Growing up, I wore my brother Andrew's clothes, even his bathing suit."

But how does Birkin stay in shape?

"I do a town a day on tour and go walking with my bulldog. I don't eat too much before concerts: it makes me feel sick. I take sleeping pills, then eat a lot of porridge. I won't eat pork, because of the intensive farming in Finisterre. I would love to learn to dance--it's the illusion of defying gravity. I wouldn't have plastic surgery in case they f*** it up."

And what does she think of her status as an icon?

"Oh, everyone's an icon," she scoffs. "It's a word I never use. There's nothing special about it. I could never imagine myself an icon any more than I could imagine myself a fella."

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