Jane Fonda And Richard Perry Split After 8 Years Together

Fonda's ex said they split because she's "rededicating herself to activism.” (Whatever that means.)

It’s over for Jane Fonda and long-time boyfriend Richard Perry.

Perry confirmed the split to Page Six, telling the site that they’ve separated but “are still very close.”

The 74-year-old music producer went into greater detail with E! Online, explaining that after eight years together, he and Fonda are simply going in different directions in their lives.

“It’s not a break up, it’s a shift in the direction of our lives,” he said. “I hate to say the romantic relationship is over. We’re definitely extremely good friends. We do things together. We care about each other a great deal and as far as romantic relationships, that’s temporarily been put on the back burner because she, as you probably know, has rededicated herself to activism.”

Fonda, 79, was one of the many celebs who participated in the Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday.

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A day before the march, the famously political actress called for more celebrities to speak out against President Donald Trump like Meryl Streep did at the Golden Globes.

“The ‘predator-in-chief’ and his fake news, their tactic is to divide and conquer,” the actress and activist said on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“What celebrities can do is that they can bring attention to things that wouldn’t normally get attention,” she said.

Fonda — who has been married three times, most notably to billionaire Ted Turner ― met Perry in 2009. In a 2012 interview, she described how she felt when friend Carrie Fisher sent her an email about meeting up with Perry.

“The minute I saw that name, [I said] ‘Something is happening in my body right now... This could be fun!’ I went to LA to get a new knee and I got a new lover!” Fonda said. “I’m 75, I want to give people hope!”

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