Jane Fonda Nails Why Hollywood Sexism Affects Everyone

"Movies are what create our consciousness."

 Another day, another Jane Fonda quote to cherish. 

Just weeks after the New York Times published an extensive look at the structural barriers to ascension women directors face in the entertainment industry, the 77-year-old star opened up to Vulture about the larger cultural importance of ending this kind of exclusion. 

"It’s important because women view things differently, whether it’s a relationship or the entire global situation," she said. "If the narratives only come from men, we’re missing the narrative of half of the world’s population!"

"Movies are what create our consciousness, so we’re being harmed -- not just women, but men, too," she continued. "If you don’t get the narrative of the other half, you’re going to be diminished because of it." 

longtime advocate for gender equality, Fonda spoke to The Huffington Post with Lily Tomlin back in May about their new Netflix show, "Grace and Frankie," and popular misconceptions about feminism.

“Feminism doesn’t mean that you’re against men or that you’re some angry bra-burner," she said.“Feminism is nothing less than saying I want to be a whole human being with equal rights and equal opportunities." 

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