Jane Fonda, Sterling K. Brown And More Call For Equal Pay For Women Behind The Camera

There’s “an egregious wage gap for historically female-majority crafts,” according to an open letter published this weekend.

All your favorites are calling on the entertainment industry to close the gender pay gap behind the scenes.

Dozens of actors and filmmakers including Sterling K. Brown, Jane Fonda, Ava DuVernay, Don Cheadle and Mandy Moore signed an open letter to Hollywood this past weekend, urging the industry to pay women in production what they’re worth. In the era of Me Too and the recent Time’s Up movement, the letter reminds the industry that women behind the camera, such as female production coordinators and art department coordinators, have been left out of the conversation.

“It’s time for the Entertainment Industry to take a hard look at its pay and compensation practices above and below the line to make sure all productions meet the legal ― and moral ― requirement to pay fairly without discrimination,” the letter, published Saturday, reads.

There’s “an egregious wage gap for historically female-majority crafts,” according to the letter.

A recent study published by Working Ideal and commissioned by Local 871 found that women in these positions often make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than their male counterparts.

“It is time for real change,” the letter reads. “It is no longer acceptable for employees in traditionally female-dominated classifications ― like Art Department Coordinators and Assistant Production Coordinators ― to be stuck with low wages that oftentimes make it difficult to make ends meet, especially in expensive cities like Los Angeles.”

“Nor is it acceptable that ― despite the recent changes in state law aimed at closing the wage gap ― women (and men) employed in other historically female crafts earn significantly less than their predominantly male counterparts, such as 2nd Second Assistant Directors, while performing substantially similar work,” the letter continues.

As of Monday morning, the letter had received over 3,000 signatures. The letter is also signed by several social justice organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, National Women’s Law Center and The Representation Project.

Head here to read the full letter.

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