Jane Fonda Throws Award Scroll At Cannes Winner And Tom Brady Would Be So Proud

The 85-year-old "80 for Brady" star showed she had plenty of arm herself in tossing the award that Palme d'Or-winner Justine Triet left behind.

Maybe filming a movie with ex-quarterback Tom Brady rubbed off on Jane Fonda. (Watch the video below.)

The 85-year-old “80 for Brady” star threw a perfect pass to French director Justine Triet during the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

Fonda had just presented Triet with the Palme d’Or best-movie award for “Anatomy of a Fall.” Triet gave her acceptance speech and forgot to take her award scroll with her as she walked away.

Fonda first attempted to call her back, according to reports, then sensed perfectly it was time for a clutch play. She tossed the scroll right at Triet and it hit her in the back. It wasn’t a completion, but the Oscar winner did succeed in getting the attention of Triet’s camp. Fast-forward to 51:25.

The scroll was retrieved and the director eventually returned to the stage with Fonda at the Palais for another round of applause.

Good play, Jane. And, yes, you-know-who would have approved.

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