Jane Fonda's Workout for the Next Gen

Being a child of the 80s, I remember jumping around in the background while my mother inserted her Jane Fonda's Workout tape into the VCR as the Academy Award winning actress provided calisthenic instructions. Jane Fonda is now 72 and that was nearly 30 years ago, but that isn't stopping her from being relevant to a new generation of exercisers.

Fonda is now bringing back her award winning brand with a new line of fitness equipment and several varying workout DVDs. If you're expecting spandex and sweatbands, you can forget it as the new brand of Jane Fonda's Workout DVDs will feature a lineup of young female trainers, each of which were personally selected by Jane to continue on her at home fitness legacy.

She says she chose each of the women due to their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping other people improve their lives.

Members of "Team Fonda" -- the hosts of the DVDs -- are respected fitness leaders with unique and specialized backgrounds including Hermosa Beach's
Karena Dawn
Katrina Hodgson
Jeanette Jenkins
(Hollywood's celebrity trainer), and
Tara Stiles
(founder of
in Manhattan). Featured workouts include:
  • Bootcamp Ultra
  • Fast Sculpt Abs
  • Sculpt & Tone
  • Cardio Hoop
  • Daily Yoga

While at a re-launch event at The Standard Hotel, Hollywood, I was able to interview the amazingly slim Jane and Team Fonda:

"I originally created Workout thirty years ago, and I am thrilled to be able to bring an updated version to the next generation," said Fonda. "What I started then, can now be continued by the best of today's rising fitness stars."

"It's important for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is one of the reasons that I have been and will continue to be very involved as the Workout brand evolves," said Fonda.

Along with her aerobic instructional DVDs ($12.99) by GoFit, there will be select workout equipment branded with the Jane Fonda Workout logo sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide as of December 26th. Purchases will also be available on Amazon.com.

So, are you ready to get physical?

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