Jane Goodall Shows John Oliver How To Eat A Banana Chimp-Style

Having worked with chimps for over 50 years, Jane Goodall is more than comfortable hanging out with primates -- and it turns out she can hold her own with comedians too.

Just check out the famed primatologist's interview with John Oliver, host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," in the show's latest installment of its "People Who Think Good" series.

The unlikely pair share in some good fun -- making ape noises, eating bananas chimp-style, and brainstorming good names for chimps. "Poo-Throw Hitler" anyone?

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Jokes aside, Goodall explains why chimps should not be pets and why she became fascinated with the animals in the first place.

"I think because they're so like us, and we now know biologically we share 98 plus percent of our DNA with them," she says in the clip. "The blood system, the immune system, the structure of the brain, is all almost the same -- just our brain is bigger. And for me of course it's the behavior. The fact they have personalities. They have emotions like happiness, sadness, fear."



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