Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace

Yesterday on International World Peace Day I was invited to a small gathering to celebrate UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall's forthcoming  A Prayer for World Peace and its gorgeous illustrations by the distinguished Iranian artist Feeroozeh Golmohammad. The publisher describes the book on their website thus:

● Jane Goodall is recognized the world over for her commitment to natural preservation, and for efforts to being peace to all parts of the world.

● A perfect book for generations of readers who are awakening to the suffering caused by human activities such as animal abuse, environmental degradation, and war.

● This is a prayer that appeals to all humankind, regardless of creed or background. It's a truly universal message of hope.

Jane Goodall is a world-renowned naturalist who brings her passion and her quest for understanding between all the Earth's creatures to the fore in this beautiful and affecting prayer for world peace. She asks us all to rise above our dogmas, to bring a spirit of generosity to the living world around us, to pray for justice and for those who are suffering. Illustrated with rich and colorful artwork, this is prayer that's both personal and universal - one that will speak to people of all ages from all backgrounds. It is the kind of prayer we most need now.

A Prayer for World Peace is a gorgeous, extraordinarily moving book. One, for all ages. The art is glowing, connecting with the Goodall's passionate phrases to be indeed a call for world peace. And Jane Goodall. After a day of speeches at the UN she was exhausted, but still could not stop talking about peace, children, her Roots & Shoots initiative to make a difference, and so much more. On the fly, she ranged from everything going on the world from refugees in Europe to the dreadful effects of cows and methane gas to events in Burundi. I've read much about her, say Anita Silvey's recent Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall, but this was the first time I can recall meeting her. 

Aside from being in complete and utter awe of Jane herself --- she is a real life hero --- I was incredibly moved that she had a small plush chimp reminding me of her toy Jubilee that I first learn about from Patrick O'Donnell's charming picture book biography, Me...Jane.

A very special event with a true-life hero.

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