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Jane Lynch Shares Her Experiences Growing Up Gay In 'It Got Better'

An incredible new docuseries has hit the web that interviews out lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) celebrities as they share their journey to living freely and authentically as a reminder to the rest of us that it really does get better.

Launched by Lexus in collaboration with the It Gets Better Project, the "It Got Better" docuseries is a collaborative effort between actress Lisa Kudrow and actor and HuffPost Blogger Dan Bucatinsky with celebrities such as Tim Gunn, Tegan & Sara, George Takei, Laverne Cox and Jason Collins. This first episode in the six-part series features actress Jane Lynch and is hosted through the broadband channel L/Studio.

"I believe people come into our life -- we draw our people to us," Lynch shares in the above video. "Always keep your mind open, your heart open for those like-minded, like-hearted others. It doesn't even have to be somebody else who is gay going through this, just somebody who is sympathetic. And they will come your way -- you will find your people. And now I live in a world where I don't give a shit if you have a problem with who I am."

Check out the first episode in this incredible series above or head here to visit the L/Studio broadband channel.

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