Jane Lynch Fills In For Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Don't adjust your set! That is the fabulous Jane Lynch filling in for Rachel Maddow.

The "Glee" star appeared on Maddow's Wednesday show for an interview, but the first thing viewers saw was her sitting in Maddow's chair, anchoring her nightly "Best New Thing In The World" segment. She'd even chosen the "thing" herself: a memo from a Republican pollster advising the GOP to change its attitudes on gay rights. She said that this shift could be a money-making opportunity for people.

"Some strategists are going to have to make it their specialty to teach Republicans how to be pro-gay while still sounding angry," she quipped. "That's a tall order, but the good news is, you can charge more money!"

Lynch was basically note-perfect, even doing the outstretched-arm move that is a favorite of Maddow's.

When she finished, the camera cut to Maddow, sitting where her guests usually do. "Jane Lynch, you're the best new thing in the world today!" she crowed. "When you said, 'folks,' do I do that?"

"Yes, I was mocking you," Lynch deadpanned.



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