Major 'Jane The Virgin' Plot Twist Leaves Fans Stunned

Viewers are devastated.

Spoiler alert! If you missed the last “Jane the Virgin” episode, stop reading now. No, seriously. Nothing can prepare you for the plot twist that lies ahead.

Happier times for the cast of "Jane The Virgin."
Happier times for the cast of "Jane The Virgin."

OK, so can we talk about what the hell just happened? Honestly our hearts may never recover. How could they just kill off Michael? Things were finally starting to fall into place with Michael and Jane’s relationship, and Michael just took the LSAT, so his fatal aortic dissection came as a shock to everyone.

Apparently his death was planned since the very beginning of the series. Jennie Snyder Urman, the show’s creator, told The Hollywood Reporter, “So much of the show is about how Jane has all of these hopes and dreams and romantic ideals and how life changes and challenges her. So this was just one of the big events that we had to build to for a while.”

You took the words right out of our mouths, Jane. 

It’s no surprise the internet is also up in arms over this tragic turn of events.

RIP Michael. Gone too soon. </3



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