Janeane Garofalo On Obama vs. McChrystal, Glenn Beck's Douchiness & Justin Bieber's Hair (VIDEO)

While her career may be varied, covering everything from hosting a radio show to killing in movies like "Wet Hot American Summer," when it comes down it, Janeane Garofolo is a stand-up. And an opinionated one at that.

Garofalo took some time to sit down with us and answer your questions. That's right. You guys set her up fantastically with some great questions, getting her thoughts on Stanley McChrystal, Glenn Beck, and of course, Justin Bieber.

If you're hankering for some more Janeane, her special, "If You Will," will be broadcast on EPIX this Saturday night, June 26th. And if you don't get EPIX, you can get a free trial on their website.