Janeane Garofalo Speaks Out Against Brazilian Waxing (VIDEO)

Janeane Garofalo takes on Brazilian waxing in her new standup special "If You Will," and she explains her anti-pubic grooming stance in a new interview with Uinterview.com.

"It couldn't possibly be true that there are a lot of guys who find adult females with genitals that look pre-adolescent that attractive," she said. "If they do, that's a problem."

Janeane chalks up the obsession with hairlessness to a "national myth."

"I feel like we've been conned into thinking it's desirable to have that waxing done and that people like it," she continues. "I think it's a national myth that we have all gone along with for some reason."

Last year Janeane donned some arm pit hair extensions to promote energy conservation.