Janelle Monae's Paris Fashion Week Hair Owns Our Best Beauty List

Chanel hair accessories. No big deal.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 was filled with major moments, including the scenic airport-themed Chanel show to the mini "Game of Thrones" reunion with Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa. But we believe Janelle Monae's many, many hairstyles stole the spotlight.

The "Yoga" singer was spotted out and about wearing different hairdos to accentuate what she described to Vogue as her "growing, evolving" style. Having worked with Monae since her debut studio album "The ArchAndroid" in 2010, celebrity hairstylist Caprice Green told The Huffington Post that the two always "start out with some sort of game plan" when discussing hairstyle for Fashion Week. "However, it doesn't always go as planned," said Green. "The clothes from the designers sort of determined the look each day."

From her signature pompadour topped with a cherry-red Kristina Dragomir heart cap to a beautiful beehive adorned with Chanel accessories, Monae and her hairstylist have pushed the boundaries on what's considered to be "natural hair."

Scroll down to see Monae's hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week and to learn what Green considered when creating each look.

Pompadour With A French Twist
"The 'pompadour' we created for Galliano was actually a modern French twist with natural hair. We knew we had to do something up off of her neck since the jacket was such a big statement piece," said Green.
Hat Hair Done Right
"The look with the hat was worked out in a time crunch for us. It was actually the French twist from Galliano and the hat ended up being magic and saving me time," said Green.
Funky Fresh Braids, Look 1
"The two braids were designed to be a young, funky and free look to go with the clothes for the Stella McCartney show," said Green.
Funky Fresh Braids, Look 2
"As you can see from the pics, Janelle had a lot of fun playing with that look," said Green.
Luxe Beehive
"The beehive came about once we saw the couture dress Janelle was wearing for the [Chanel] show. It was our version of the classic Parisian woman's hairstyle with a twist," said Green.
Luxe Beehive (Back View)
"Chanel sent over quite a few amazing pieces along with the dress to choose from. Karl Lagerfeld has always been an accessory god, and we weren't afraid to incorporate them into her hair. The headband was an obvious choice for the look and the signature Cs was a simple 'aha' moment that ended up being a winner," said Green.
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