Janelle Monáe's New Breed Of Woman, 'Not Defined By Skin Color Or Hair Texture' (VIDEO)

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Janelle Monáe is having the best week ever! The 26-year-old rockstar performed at the Rebecca Minkoff New York Fashion Week runway show, threw a Target sponsored album release party on a boat with P.Diddy and Big Boi from Outkast, then celebrated the official release of her sophomore album "The Electric Lady" on Thursday by hitting the stage on "The Today Show."

But belting out hits, partying and selling tons of records aren't the only things on Janelle's mind. In fact, the Kansas native revealed to "Today Show" anchor Savannah Guthrie that she's on a mission to reimagine the modern woman through her music and actions.

"I wanted to focus on creating a new breed. A new 21st century woman -- and someone who is not defined by her skin color or hair texture but by what she does for the community, how she goes into the community and nurtures the next generation."

Right on, Janelle! We'll take that over the twerking craze any day.

The CoverGirl spokeswoman has already helped to change our perception of beauty and style with her fearless signature pompadour 'do and black-and-white ensembles. So, let's just hope her new idea of the 21st century catches on as well.

Check out Janelle's "Today Show" appearance in the video above and some of our favorite fashion moments from the star in the slideshow below.

Janelle Monae