Janet Huckabee Argues With Arkansas State Trooper After Traffic Accident (VIDEO)

Janet Huckabee, the wife of former Arkansas governor and potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee, was recently involved in a multi-car traffic accident that later sparked an argument with the officer who appeared on the scene.

The Tolbert Report provides a transcript for part of the conversation, in which Huckabee appears to suggest that the passengers of another automobile in the accident were lying about her being on a cell phone, and therefore lying when they alleged that the former Arkansas first lady had improperly merged into their lane, causing the incident.

Janet Huckabee - "Did she say I was on the phone?"

Trooper Blackmon - "Ma'am, that has nothing to do with it."
Huckabee - "It has everything to do with it.
Trooper - "No it doesn't."
Huckabee - "It has to do with whether I am telling the truth or not."
Trooper - "Okay, they gave me an exact description of your vehicle. I mean..."
Huckabee - "That's why I stopped up here. Yeah, that's right. I realize there was a vehicle and we were both merging."
Trooper - "They gave me an exact description of your vehicle. They told me exactly what you were doing. You told me that you were going into their lane as well."
Huckabee - "Did she tell you I was talking on the phone?"
Trooper - "Ma'am, that has nothing to do with..."
Huckabee - "I just want an answer from you. Did she tell you I was talking on the phone?"
Trooper - "She didn't tell me. The passenger told me."
Huckabee - "That is a lie. That is an out lie."
Trooper - "Ma'am, I don't have anything to..."
Huckabee - "So if that is a lie how can I know that the other part is not a lie."
Trooper - "Ma'am, you verified it by your own statement."
Huckabee - "I said I was merging but I said she was merging."
Trooper - "Okay, well she said she wasn't merging."
Huckabee - "She also said I was on the phone. So if one is a lie, why shouldn't the other be a lie."

The Arkansas Times reports on the recently resolved outcome of the Sept. 20 episode:

Former Arkansas first lady Janet Huckabee paid a $100 fee in Pulaski County District Court yesterday and received a "reserve judgment" ruling from Judge Wayne Gruber, with an agreement that charges of careless and prohibited driving against her would be dismissed if Huckabee doesn't get into any more vehicular trouble for six months.