Janet Jackson And Missy Elliott 'BURNITUP!' With Their New Song

Jackson's latest album is only a week away.

We caught a snippet of Janet Jackson's new jam with Missy Elliott when a clip from her tour hit YouTube, but now the full track is here. "BURNITUP!" premiered Thursday on BBC Radio 1, marking Jackson and Elliott's first collaboration since the 2008's "The 1." The new song's opening rap verse includes the line, "Kitty cat, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow." 

Jackson, 49, and Elliott, 44, praised each other in joint statements, with the rapper saying how "humbled" she still is to work with Jackson, whose music videos she would "run to the TV to watch." Listen to their new dance ditty below. It hails from Jackson's new album, "Unbreakable," which is out Oct. 2.


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