Congress Fawned Over Bernanke, But It Mansplains To Janet Yellen, The First Woman Fed Chair

Congress Fawned Over Bernanke, But It Mansplains To Janet Yellen

WASHINGTON -- Janet Yellen in February became the 15th chair of the Federal Reserve and the first woman to hold that job, and has so far run Fed policy not all that differently from her predecessor, Ben Bernanke.

But somehow, members of Congress seem to view her very differently indeed from Bernanke, whom they treated with the sort of respect generally reserved for the person setting the nation's monetary policy. In Bernanke's last briefing to the House Financial Services Committee last July, committee Chair Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) was more than polite.

"This chairman considers you to be one of the most able public servants I have ever met," Hensarling told Bernanke. "Our nation will always, always be grateful."

"No one questions your desire to help our country," added Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Mich.).

But when Yellen gave the same monetary policy briefing on Wednesday, Hensarling even begrudged her the three-hour time limit he regularly granted Bernanke. The treatment she received was more like, well ... mansplaining.

Watch it above.

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